Carmen Molina, photographer

"To find a subject is to find a photograph. The subject is my point of departure. I look at the subject carefully and find a story and style that fits it. I see it wrapped in light and color, speaking to me of the scene and stage where it belongs. The subject becomes the character in a movie made from my lifetime recollection of images or from dreams I not always dare to realize. The characters in this series are passionate and graceful and live in a very dark and smoky world in which tragedy is justified by Love. Here, there are no constraints or rules. They are Beethoven’s Ballerinas in Symphony No 5. They dance to its strenuous tunes zealously crying confusion and despair. They are the genesis of Nietzsche's "Dancing Stars", the burning ashes before the rebirth of a truer self."
- Carmen Molina

Hyun - Azul

Bobby as Simone

Christina as Eva (no. 3)

Lindsey as Margot

Ann Mary as Lola

Christina - Butterfly

Lindsey as Margot in a Veil

Hyun en Rouge

Hyun - Labios

Christina as Eva

Christina as Eva (No. 2)