Lau Gallico, painter

Lau is a painter working out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Born and Raised in northern New Jersey, she attended School of Visual Arts for Advertising and Graphic Design. After working in the field for 5 years, she chose to pursue her true passion, fine arts, and has been well recieved in the Jersey City and Hoboken art communities.

Her sublect matter deals with emotional introspection and personal growth, depicted though intense self portraiture.

Her smaller works are based on whimsical personal interests such as Lucha Libre, birdwatching and a love for graphic symbols.

Lenore, 12 x 15", acrylic on wood

Salome I, 24 X 30", acrylic on wood

Salome II, 18 x 24", acrylic on wood

Mistico (Luchadores Set), 4 x 6", acrylic on wood

Forever?, 2 x 3", acrylic on wood

Love Song, 2 x 3", acrylic on wood

Your Words Are Meaningless (Set),
2 x 3", mixed media on wood