Ted Dimond, painter

AZURE. Dimond's brazenly innovative technique portrays abstract paintings inspired by aerial photographs of Cape Cod. Ted’s passion is creating landscapes using forces of nature. To achieve this, he uses oils on canvas, layered with sheets of clear plastic. This technique, which he calls “lensing”, allows the liquefied paint to define movement, depth and light. In order to create the visual impression of nature evolving, he captures the paint at different stages by layering sheets of plastic which create multiple dimensions in the work. The result is an unpredictable liquefied moment in time. Ted studied in France and New York and has exhibited at galleries in both France and the US, including a show at de CASTELLANE GALLERY'S first location in Downtown Brooklyn. These pieces were in the first solo exhibition at the new Dennisport Space in June 2012.

30 x 24

30 x 24

40 x 24

24 x 18

24 x 18

36 x 24

30 x 34

This piece was a part of Ted's first exhibition, MAGNETIQUE in Brooklyn NY in 2010.

Mount Kilimanjaro
67" x 31" | Oil, Polymer on Canvas